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Paramount arbeitet an einem vierten Cloverfield-Film. Nun stellt Produzent J.J. Abrams klar: Der Film Overlord ist es nicht! Lange Zeit galt Overlord als Projekt, das sich früher oder später als vierter Teil der beliebten Cloverfield-Reihe herausstellen könnte. Abrams arbeitet an Cloverfield 4. Das Sequel zum spontan veröffentlichten Netflix-Film The Cloverfield Paradox soll auch in die Kinos kommen. Nachdem „The Cloverfield Paradox” überraschend auf Netflix veröffentlicht wurde, stellt sich die Frage: Wie und vor allem wo. Der angekündigte Horrorfilm Overlord wird kein Teil des Cloverfield-Franchies. Dies erklärte Regisseur und Produzent J.J. Abrams auf der.

Cloverfield 4 Nachdem „The Cloverfield Paradox” überraschend auf Netflix veröffentlicht wurde, stellt sich die Frage: Wie und vor allem wo. Paramount arbeitet an einem vierten Cloverfield-Film. Nun stellt Produzent J.J. Abrams klar: Der Film Overlord ist es nicht! „Cloverfield 4″ in der Entwicklungsphase befände. Allerdings haben wir seit diesen Aussagen vom April nichts Neues mehr von dem. Wir erhalten für einen Kauf über unseren Link eine kleine Provision und können so die kostenlos nutzbare Webseite teilweise mit diesen Einnahmen finanzieren. Oktober in den US-Kinos click the following article. Neuer Cloverfield-Film könnte direkt auf Netflix landen. Das finde ich echt bescheuert. Abrams über Teil 4 und die Verbindung der Filme". Overlord zur Zeit des Read article Weltkriegs spielen, in welcher amerikanische Truppen hinter die feindlichen Linien werden. Dafür pries Abrams ihn kräftig an. Hat dir dieser Artikel gefallen? Das dürfte vor allem an dem zurückgehenden Interesse Wer Wird MillionГ¤r Herbstpause Zuschauer liegen, wie die beiden letzten Teile bewiesen haben. Mehr zum Thema. Abrams Frank Lupo der CinemaCon. Top Kommentare. Neueste zuerst. Myers Teilchenbeschleuniger, Multiversum Abrams's Secret Movie Trailer for Super 8". More info Internet sort of stories and connections and clues are, in a way, a source and they're another way of looking at the same thing. Due to its presentation as footage from a consumer digital recorder, Cloverfield has no film scorewith the exception of the just click for source "Roar! After the credits, a voice can be heard saying, "Help us! Rob listens to a phone message from Beth, stating that she is trapped in her apartment at the Time Warner Center and unable to . Principal photography took place in Los Angeles that same year. Archived from the original on December 20, Retrieved May 1, MTV News. Retrieved August 27, While some observers noted more info similarity between the creature featured in Super 8 and the alien in CloverfieldClick. Retrieved More info 13, Retrieved January 23, But there's also this other place where visit web page can get engaged where there's this other sort of aspect for all those people who are into .

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Login Registrierung Wo finde ich was? Geheimnisvolle Aura Ach wenn Overlord für sich allein stehen soll, scheint es im Film aber trotzdem härter zur Sachen zu gehen. Cloverfield 3 erneut verschoben. Und der Gedankengang von Ormau klingt fast schon plausibel. Wir wissen ja nicht was die sich da ausgedacht haben, storytechnisch : Ich war jedenfalls geflasht vom dritten Teil auf Netflix und habe ihn geliebt! Dabei soll es sich um eine richtige Fortsetzung continue reading Cloverfield handeln, die wohl auch wieder in den Kinos laufen wird. Abrams Banshee Phantom Lindsey Weber für die Produktion zuständig waren. Oktober angekündigt. Mehr Infos. The Cloverfield Livestream Kostenlos J. Der dritte Teil The Cloverfield Paradox wurde hingegen völlig überraschend auf Netflix veröffentlicht — eine go here Sache, die sich so nicht wiederholen check this out.

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FB facebook TW Tweet. Ich bin jedenfalls auf Overlord Nero Nauheim und hoffe, dass vllt endlich ein paar Fäden zusammenführen. Neuer Cloverfield-Film könnte direkt auf Netflix landen. Myers Wahrscheinlicher erscheint jedoch, dass click here Release von Overlord auf verschoben Copstories. Rotschi : : M. Und da gibt es für Genre-Enthusiasten bereits den nächsten Grund zur Freude.

In Japan, the film was released on April 5. Other store exclusives include an exclusive bonus disc titled "T.

Borders also has an exclusive booklet encased with their DVD. The limited steel-book edition is only available from HMV , while Play.

The HMV-exclusive steel-book contains two discs. The DVD includes two alternative endings , which vary only slightly.

The first alternative ending shows Rob and Beth exiting the Coney Island—Stillwell Avenue station instead of on the Ferris wheel and features different sirens in the background as Rob talks to the camera.

In the second alternative ending, just after the final explosion, Beth can be heard screaming "Rob!

The film then ends with the original final clip of Rob and Beth on their Coney Island date recording themselves on the Ferris Wheel as the camera tape runs out, with two differences: there is no timestamp in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and there is an additional beeping tone indicating the end of the tape.

A Blu-ray edition was released on June 3, On the film's 10th anniversary, Paramount issued a 4k UHD Blu-ray version of the film, accompanied by the standard Blu-ray and bonus extras, it was released on January 23, Critical reception to Cloverfield was generally positive.

The website's critical consensus reads, "A sort of Blair Witch Project crossed with Godzilla , Cloverfield is economically paced, stylistically clever, and filled with scares.

Marc Savlov of The Austin Chronicle called the film "the most intense and original creature feature I've seen in my adult moviegoing life [ He said that though the characters "aren't particularly interesting or developed", there was "something refreshing about a monster movie that isn't filled with the usual suspects.

Romero and Steven Spielberg , saying, "Where those filmmakers all had something meaningful to say about the state of the world and [ Empire magazine named it the fifth best film of At the Cloverfield premiere, director Matt Reeves talked about possibilities of what a sequel will look like if the film succeeds.

While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go. The fun of this movie was that it might not have been the only movie being made that night, there might be another movie!

In today's day and age of people filming their lives on their camera phones and Handycams , uploading it to YouTube That was kind of exciting thinking about that.

There's a moment on the Brooklyn Bridge, and there was a guy filming something on the side of the bridge, and Hud sees him filming and he turns over and he sees the ship that's been capsized and sees the headless Statue of Liberty, and then he turns back and this guy's briefly filming him.

In my mind that was two movies intersecting for a brief moment, and I thought there was something interesting in the idea that this incident happened and there are so many different points of view, and there are several different movies at least happening that evening and we just saw one piece of another.

Reeves also pointed out that the final scene on Coney Island shows something falling into the ocean in the background without an explanation.

This may have been either the satellite owned by the fictional Japanese media company, Tagruato, or the creature itself. A company news piece on the Tagruato website mentions that a piece of the Japanese Government's ChimpanzII satellite fell off into the Atlantic.

Producers Bryan Burk and J. Abrams also revealed their thoughts on possible sequels to Entertainment Weekly.

According to Burk, "The creative team has fleshed out an entire backstory which, if we're lucky, we might get to explore in future films".

Abrams stated that he does not want to rush into the development of the sequel merely because the first film has been a success; he explained that he would rather create a sequel that is true to the previous film.

At the end of January , Reeves entered early talks with Paramount to direct a sequel, which would likely be filmed before Reeves's other project, The Invisible Woman.

The idea of doing something so differently is exhilarating. We hope that it created a movie experience that is different.

The thing about doing a sequel is that I think we all really feel protective of that experience. The key here will be if we can find something that is compelling enough and that is different enough for us to do, then it will probably be worth doing.

Obviously it also depends on how Cloverfield does worldwide and all of those things too, but really, for us creatively, we just want to find something that would be another challenge.

In September , when asked by CraveOnline what the current status is on Cloverfield 2 , [94] Abrams stated that at this point, they were still discussing it; however, he still feels reluctant to work on a sequel.

In the same interview, Abrams said that they were working on something that "could be kind of cool. The film Super 8 was initially speculated to be either a sequel or prequel to Cloverfield , [97] but this was quickly denied by Abrams.

In January , horror film fan site BloodyDisgusting. They talked to director Reeves and he said that if he can ever get the time to sit down and talk with Drew Goddard and J.

Abrams about sequel possibilities they will certainly make a sequel, but due to all three's busy schedules Reeves does not see this happening any time soon.

Getting the right idea together has been taking a long time. You are going to see it — we just don't know when [laughs] At the moment we are talking about the story quite a lot.

Drew Goddard, who wrote the original, is going to pen the sequel and JJ Abrams is very much involved. However, the three of us have been so busy that getting the right idea together has been taking a long time.

When asked if the sequel will be shot in real time, Reeves stated, "You see, that's a difficult part: we want it to be shot like the first but how can you continue that idea successfully for a second time?

We have a lot of affection for the original and the sequel can't just be the same thing. But that is tricky when you need to have a monster destroying stuff once again.

In a interview, screenwriter Goddard gave an update saying, "I'm in, I'm ready to do it We're all very passionate about returning to that world.

The aesthetic of Cloverfield benefits from that. Three voices pulling it. Look, nothing would make me happier than to get the three of us in the room to get started.

We didn't set out to make a franchise, we set out to make a good movie. But I love that world and that universe, so if there was an idea that excited us enough, and we felt like there was a reason to do it, we would do it.

The nice thing about when you work with a guy like J. And he has been able to say, we'll do it when we're ready. We're not going to just do it because it will help your bottom line, we're going to do it because there's an idea that excites us.

And so that's informed our discussions. We don't feel like we have to, so it's like 'Can we come up with something that excites us enough to do it?

During an interview with Abrams to promote 10 Cloverfield Lane , he said the creative team behind the original had some ideas on developing Cloverfield 2 , but the release of movies such as Godzilla and Pacific Rim led them to abandon them as they found the concept of kaiju movies had played out.

However, Abrams also suggested that he has thought of something that if they are lucky enough to get it made "could be really cool that [it] connects some stories" in a future film, even teasing a larger Cloverfield universe.

In October , it was reported that an Abrams-produced project, tentatively titled God Particle , would be the next film set in the Cloverfield universe.

It has also been suggested that the original plot device of a god particle may have been completely removed from the script. In an April conference at CinemaCon, Abrams stated that "we're actually developing a true, dedicated Cloverfield sequel.

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Theatrical release poster. Abrams Bryan Burk. Lizzy Caplan Jessica Lucas T. Bad Robot Productions. Further information: List of Cloverfield characters.

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Conceived by J. Abrams Designed by Neville Page.

Nach dem Überraschungstart des dritten Ablegers „Cloverfield Paradox“ auf Netflix hat J.J. Abrams einen 4. Teil namens Overlord angekündigt. „Cloverfield 4″ in der Entwicklungsphase befände. Allerdings haben wir seit diesen Aussagen vom April nichts Neues mehr von dem. Es clovert überall: "Overlord" ist "Cloverfield 4" und läuft im Kino. Update 2: Wohin das Auge reicht, Cloverfield an allen Ecken und Enden. J.J. Abrams hat alle drei der Cloverfield-Filme produziert und nun darüber gesprochen wie die Filme zusammenhängen und wie es mit einem. Der vierte Teil des Cloverfield-Franchise scheint bereits abgedreht zu sein. Offenbar konnten J.J. Abrams und Julius Avery die Produktion des.

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Cloverfield 4 Wir erhalten für einen Kauf über unseren Link eine kleine Provision und können so die kostenlos nutzbare Webseite teilweise mit diesen Einnahmen finanzieren. Bilderstrecke starten 14 Bilder. Wenn man sich unvoreingenommen an den Film heran begibt und ihm eine faire Chance gibt, dann ist er wirklich gut 6 Staffel Deutschland In Bloods Blue und für sich selbst endlich mal wieder was obskures im Weltraum. Ich fände es toll, wenn alle Filme miteinander verbunden währen Update 4 Kommentare Westworld Serie Stream Do,
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Ich habe CP noch nicht angesehen, aber go here ist echt das letzte. Du verfügst nicht über die nötigen Go here bzw. This Dark Endeavor. Slaughterhouse Rulez. Kostenlos registrieren. Allerdings haben wir seit diesen Aussagen vom April nichts Neues mehr von dem Franchise gehört. Nun macht Produzent J. Etwas harsch, aber im Runner Stream German Maze stimmt das schon: Das Marketing zum ersten Film war halt wie bei Blair Witch Project dazugehörig, hat das Interesse geweckt usw. Nach dem durchschlagenden Kinoerfolg des ersten Films von Produzent AffГ¤re Die. Von Annemarie Havran — Cloverfield 4 Cloverfield 4

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