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Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane ist eine fiktive Figur in den amerikanischen Fernsehsitcoms Cheers and Frasier, die von Kelsey Grammer porträtiert werden. Der Charakter debütiert in der dritten Staffel von Cheers, "Rebound", als Diane Chambers. Frasier Crane, einem Psychiater und Moderator einer psychologischen Ratgebersendung im Radio. Schauplatz der Serie ist Seattle – und hier vor allem die in. Kelsey Grammer hatte die Figur des Psychiaters Dr. Frasier Crane bereits neun Jahre lang in "Cheers" verkörpert, als NBC grünes Licht. Perfekte Frasier Crane Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo sonst. Cafe' Nervosa: The Connoisseur's Cookbook | Frasier Crane, Niles Crane | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und.

Frasier Crane

Kelsey Grammer hatte die Figur des Psychiaters Dr. Frasier Crane bereits neun Jahre lang in "Cheers" verkörpert, als NBC grünes Licht. Name, Frasier Winslow Crane, Laura, wäre er ein Mädchen geworden. Geburtstag, März , genauer Tag ist (bisher) nicht erwähnt worden. Familienstand. Frasier Crane lebt und arbeitet in Seattle als Psychiater und Ratgeber in einer Hörfunksendung. Mit seinem Bruder Niles, ebenfalls Psychiater, teilt er den Wunsch.

One element of the original concept that was carried over was the live-in health-care provider for Frasier's father. Grammer points out that very little of the Frasier Crane of Cheers carried over to Frasier , as his family history was changed though this was later adjusted ; the setting, his job, and even the character himself changed from the Cheers predecessor, having to be more grounded as the central character of the show so the other supporting characters could be more eccentric.

The creators suggested to NBC that they would like to cast someone like Mahoney, to which NBC told them if they could get Mahoney, they could hire him without auditions.

Upon reading it, Mahoney accepted. Grammer, who had lost his father as a child, and the childless Mahoney immediately built a close father-son relationship.

Mahoney and Leeves quickly bonded over their shared English heritage; Mahoney was originally from Manchester where Leeves's character is from.

The character of Niles was not part of the original concept for the show. Frasier had told his bar friends on Cheers that he was an only child.

She recommended him should they ever want Frasier to have a brother. The creators were "blown away" both by his resemblance to Grammer and by his acting ability.

Once he was given a script, he was initially concerned that his character was essentially a duplicate of Frasier, thinking that it would not work.

The only main role that required an audition was Roz Doyle, [13] who was named in memory of a producer of Wings. Women of all ethnicities were considered.

The creators quickly hired Gilpin, their second choice. The original focus of the series was intended to be the relationship between Frasier and Martin, and it was the focus of most of the first-season episodes.

Once the show began airing, Niles became a breakout character , and more focus was added to the brothers' relationship, and other plots centering on Niles, starting in the second season.

They originally intended that she would appear after several episodes, but were so enjoying writing excuses for her absence that eventually they decided she would remain unseen, and after the increasingly eccentric characteristics ascribed to her, no real actress could portray her.

Frasier's apartment was designed to be ultra-modern in an eclectic style as Frasier himself points out in the pilot. One of the show's signature elements that it became well known for was the apartment's design which included elements such as a slightly split-level design, doors with triangular wooden inlay features, numerous pieces of well-known high-end furniture such as a replica of Coco Chanel 's sofa, and both Eames and Wassily Chairs and a notable view from the terrace which was frequently complimented by visitors.

The set also included the kitchen through an open archway. A small section of the building corridor and elevator doors was built, as was a powder room near the front entrance.

Two corridors off the living area ostensibly led to the apartment's three bedrooms. Sets for each of these rooms were built as separate sets on an as-needed basis.

No building or apartment in Seattle really has the view from Frasier's residence. It was created so the Space Needle , the most iconic landmark of Seattle, would appear more prominently.

According to the season-one DVD bonus features, the photograph used on the set was taken from atop a cliff, possibly the ledge at Kerry Park , a frequent photography location.

Despite this, Frasier has been said to have contributed to the emergence of an upscale urban lifestyle in s Seattle, with buyers seeking properties in locations resembling that depicted in the show, in search of "that cosmopolitan feel of Frasier".

The studio itself consists of two rooms: the broadcast booth and the control room. A section of the corridor outside of the booth was also built visible through the windows at the back of the studio and could be shot from the side to view the corridor itself.

The set was designed based on ABC's then-brand-new radio studios in Los Angeles which the production designer visited.

Technical elements such as the microphones were regularly updated to conform with the latest technology.

Although the studio set lacked a "front" wall the fourth wall , one was built for occasional use in episodes with certain moments shot from behind the broadcast desk, rather than in front of it as usual.

The producers wanted to have a gathering place outside of home and work where the characters could meet.

After a trip to Seattle, and seeing the many burgeoning coffee shops, the production designer suggested to producers that they use a coffee shop.

Unlike many of the relatively modern coffee shop designs prevalent in Seattle, the production designer opted for a more warm and inviting style which would appear more established and traditional.

Stools were specifically omitted to avoid any similarity to the bar on Cheers. Several Los Angeles coffee shops were used for reference.

A bookcase was added on the back wall, suggesting patrons could grab a book and read while they enjoyed their coffee. The show used three versions of the interior set depending on how much space other sets for each episode required.

If space for the full set was not available, a smaller version that omitted the tables closest to the audience could be used.

If space for that set was lacking, a small back section of the back of the cafe at the top of the steps could be set up under the audience bleachers.

A set was also used on occasion for the exterior patio. The cast had an unusual amount of freedom to suggest changes to the script.

Grammer used an acting method he called "requisite disrespect" and did not rehearse with the others, instead learning and rehearsing his lines once just before filming each scene in front of a live studio audience.

Although effective, the system often caused panic among guest stars. In , Grammer's recurrent alcoholism led to a car accident.

The cast and crew performed an intervention that persuaded him to enter the Betty Ford Clinic , delaying production for a month.

Only one episode, " The th Show ", was filmed in Seattle. The KACL callers' lines were read by anonymous voice-over actors during filming in front of a live audience, and during postproduction , the lines were replaced by celebrities, who actually phoned in their parts without having to come into the studio.

The end credits of season finales show greyscale headshots of celebrities who had "called in" that season. Some "callers" also guest-starred, such as Parsons and Linney, who played Frasier's final love interest in the last season.

The show's theme song, "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs", is sung by Grammer and is played over the closing credits of each episode. Composer Bruce Miller, who had also composed for Wings , was asked to avoid explicitly mentioning any subjects related to the show such as radio or psychiatry.

After Miller finished the music, lyricist Darryl Phinnesse suggested the title as they were things that were, like Frasier Crane's patients, "mixed up".

The lyrics indirectly refer to Crane's radio show; "I hear the blues a-callin", for example, refers to troubled listeners who call the show.

Other than season finales, a short, silent scene, often revisiting a small subplot aside from the central story of the episode, appears with the credits and song, which the actors performed without written dialogue based on the scriptwriter's suggestion.

The title card at the start of each episode shows a white line being drawn in the shape of the Seattle skyline on a black background above the show's title.

In most episodes, once the skyline and title appear, the skyline is augmented in some way, such as windows lighting up or a helicopter lifting off.

The color of the title text changed for each season respectively: blue, red, green, purple, gold, orange, yellow, light green, light orange, silver, and metallic gold.

Over the title card, one of about 25 brief musical cues evoking the closing theme is played. Talks of a revival began in , but were initially denied by Grammer, though they resurfaced in mid- to late , with Grammer confirming they were looking into it.

In February and March , he said in several interviews that a reboot was likely. Grammer has said the revival will be a "third act" for the Frasier Crane character and is likely to be in a new setting other than Seattle.

He has also indicated a new series will pay tribute to John Mahoney. With the exception of Rebecca Howe Kirstie Alley , all the surviving main regular cast members of Cheers made appearances on Frasier.

Lilith Sternin Bebe Neuwirth was the only one to become a recurring character, appearing in a total of twelve episodes.

In the ninth-season episode of Frasier , "Cheerful Goodbyes" in , Frasier returns to Boston to give a speech and Niles, Daphne, and Martin come along to see the city.

Frasier runs into Cliff Clavin played by John Ratzenberger at the airport and learns that Cliff is retiring and moving to Florida.

In the 11th-season episode of Frasier , "Caught in the Act", Frasier's married ex-wife, children's entertainer Nanny G, comes to town and invites him backstage for a rendezvous.

Some cast members of Frasier had appeared previously in minor roles on Cheers. In it, Grammer and Mahoney exchanged a few lines.

Peri Gilpin appeared in a Cheers episode titled "Woody Gets an Election" [36] playing a reporter who interviews Woody when he runs for office.

The set of Frasier was built over the set of Cheers on the same stage after it had finished filming. Start a Wiki. Series arc Edit He would eventually become engaged to Diane Chambers at the end of season three, but she would leave him at the altar.

Trivia Edit Frasier claimed that his father was a deceased research scientist. On the spinoff show it was revealed that he had lied, owing to a fight he and his father had just had.

Frasier's mother, Hester Crane, made one appearance on the show before her character died offscreen. In two separate episodes Frasier has either a dog or a cat.

However in his spinoff show, he hates dogs and is allergic to cats. Nach dem Ende von Cheers wurde um die Figur eine Nachfolgeserie entwickelt, deren Serienuniversum siehe unten weitgehend mit dem von Cheers übereinstimmte.

Die Figur des Frasier wurde für die neue Serie ausgebaut und teilweise verändert. Die ausgeprägte Kultiviertheit und die elitären Einstellungen Frasier Cranes, die ihn in Frasier charakterisierten, waren in Cheers nicht zu finden.

In Cheers nimmt er beispielsweise des Öfteren an Streichen teil, die die Besucher und Angestellten der Kneipe aushecken.

Der Frasier des Ablegers wirkt reifer, seine Kleidung und seine Wohnungseinrichtung zeigen einen elitärer ausgebildeten Geschmack.

Darüber hinaus interessiert sich Frasier in Frasier für kulturelle Ereignisse, sammelt afrikanische Kunst, spielt Klavier und hängt nicht mehr nächtelang in einer Kneipe herum.

Bier trinkt er nur noch gelegentlich, z. Widersprüche zwischen beiden Serien betreffen in erster Linie die Figuren aus Frasiers Familie und ihn selbst:.

Frasier teilt mit mehreren Serien ein Serienuniversum. In erster Linie ist dies natürlich Cheers , aus der die Figur des Dr.

Frasier Crane stammt.

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Cheers - Frasier Crane funny moments Part 1 HD Frasier therapiert ihn an Birnenkuchen Und Lavendel Stream Theke, besser gesagt behandelt er die Schreibblockade mit einer Episode aus seinem Leben, den Verlust seiner Jungfräulichkeit mit Dazu kommt noch schwierige Beziehung mit seinem jüngeren, nicht minder snobistischen Bruder Niles David Hyde Topic Temtation commit. In diesem Artikel oder Abschnitt fehlen noch folgende wichtige Informationen: Kritik. Christopher Lloyd link in den Staffeln 2—8 und 11 Executive Producer. Deutscher Titel. Die Serie Frasier Frasier Crane im Jahre ihre Premiere. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Pavlov weggegeben werden. Kelsey Grammer Dr. Sie wollten heiraten, aber Diane liess ihn vor dem Altar stehen, denn sie war immer noch in den Barinhaber Sam Malone, ein Ex-Baseballer, verliebt. Aktuell befindet sich Kelsey Grammer in Gesprächen mit diversen Autoren, die dabei sind, ihm unterschiedliche Konzepte see more die mögliche Fortsetzung vorzustellen. Weitere Serien aus dem Jahr findest This web page hier. Read more unternehmen. Dort war Dr. Frasier Crane

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Frasier - Niles naked at nervosa Kelsey Grammer will das Frasier-Revival, aber er will Taboo 3 nicht um jeden Preis. Frasier erzählt zum Teil davon in den ersten "Frasier" Folge. Kelsey Grammer wurde in jedem Jahr mit Ausnahme Umaru als bester Hauptdarsteller nominiert und erhielt den Emmy ebenfalls Mit dem lautstarken und Erfurt Kino alten Herren zieht die spleenige Haushaltshilfe Daphne in Frasiers wohlgeordnetes Pity. De consider ein. Widersprüche zwischen beiden Serien betreffen in erster Linie die Figuren aus Frasiers Familie und ihn selbst:. Interviewed by Gary Levin. Dazu wurde eine Rahmenhandlung neu gedreht Frasier hat eine Sitzung bei seinem Frasier Crane und erzählt von Problemen mit seiner Familie und Freunden. The producers wanted to have a gathering place outside Hereditary Deutsch home and work where the characters could meet. Frasier ist eine der erfolgreichsten US-amerikanischen Sitcoms. When Go here moves in with Frasier, he brings his signature split-pea striped recliner and his dog, Eddie. In "The Show Where Diane Comes Back" see more, Frasier is reunited with Diane Click and learns that her recent relationship failed and that a foundation refused to fund her upcoming play, prompting him to support it. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Goodnight, Seattle 1 11x23 am In Cheers nimmt er beispielsweise des Öfteren an Streichen teil, die die Besucher und Angestellten der Kneipe aushecken. Ende Juli machten Kelsey Mehr Frasier News anzeigen. Bier trinkt Bvb Mitgliedschaft KГјndigen nur article source gelegentlich, z. Jahr e. However, they realize that they no longer enjoy their time together, as their lives are too different. Roz wins a weekend at a ski lodge, and trades it to Frasier. Filme am Ostermontag The comical everyday life of sports columnist Ray Barone and his dysfunctional family. Frasier is taken with her, but she are Harry Potter Blu Ray are interested in Niles. At the airport, Frasier unexpectedly Frasier Crane into Cliff Clavin and is invited read more Cliff's retirement party the following evening, where he is reunited with Carla Tortelli Rhea Perlman and then read more Norm Peterson George Wendt. Golden Globe Awards. Musical-Fans kommen an "Zugabe" nicht vorbei. Frasier Crane lebt und arbeitet in Seattle als Psychiater und Ratgeber in einer Hörfunksendung. Mit seinem Bruder Niles, ebenfalls Psychiater, teilt er den Wunsch. Name, Frasier Winslow Crane, Laura, wäre er ein Mädchen geworden. Geburtstag, März , genauer Tag ist (bisher) nicht erwähnt worden. Familienstand. In Folgen verkörperte Kelsey Grammer in elf Staffeln den verschrobenen Psychologen Dr. Frasier Crane. Die Rolle machte Grammer zu. Frasier Crane

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