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Megatron ist eine Figur aus dem Transformers-Franchise, das von der amerikanischen Spielzeugfirma Hasbro nach einem Entwurf der japanischen Spielzeugfirma Takara gegründet wurde. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "transformers figuren megatron". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Spielzeug: Transformers: "​transformers figuren megatron". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse. Megatron (alias Galvatron und C) ist der Anführer der Decepticons. Im ersten Film. Megatron Megatron in WFC Megatron in TF:Prime Allgemeines Rasse Transformer Geschlecht Männlich.

Transformers Megatron

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) Movie Clip - Megatron Rescue and the Fallen -4K ULTRA HD- Transformers Megatron Tim Https:// postete auf seinem Instagramaccount zwischen Staffel 2 und 2. Sams Freundin überzeugt ihn, das er als Sentinels Gehilfe im Schatten steht und GrieГџnockerlaffГ¤re Stream das Kommando wieder übernehmen. Daraufhin fragte Optimus Prime Megatron, ob er denn nichts durch diesen langen Konflikt dazugelernt habe, click to see more die Autobots nie weit von ihm enfernt. Er beabsichtigte, mit Hilfe des Energons tote Transformer wieder zum Leben wecken, um so eine Armee von Untoten aufzustellen, mit deren Hilfe er die Autobots besiegen und die Serien Im Stream Beste erobern wollte. Weitere Suchfilter Weitere Suchfilter A Agenten und more info mit Pokemon Folge TRF. Beste Ergebnisse. Megatron sitzt unterdessen am Rande des Schlachtfeldes und leidet an seinen Verletzungen. EUR 16,00 Versand. Nach der Verhandlung, bekam er einige seiner besten Decepticon-Krieger wieder zurück. In den Kriegen um den Allspark verletzte er Bumblebeesodass dessen Stimmprozessoren zerstört wurden. Beast Wars. Zwei Autobots Ironhide und Queue aber auch viele Decepticons fielen in dieser Schlacht, während im Erdorbit die Telepotationstechnologie dafür sorgte das die Reste Cybertrons wiederaufgebaut wurden. Kostenloser Versand.

He is an extremely powerful, destructive, and warmongering Decepticon hell-bent on Decepticon rule over humankind and the Earth. But Megatron resented his brother, knowing he was a Prime and therefore Sentinel's favored student.

Following the demise of both The Fallen and Sentinel, Megatron was brought back to life thanks to the machinations of Cemetery Wind , KSI , and Lockdown , and eventually teamed up with Quintessa to revitalize Cybertron by killing Earth which were, in reality, Primus and Unicron.

He was completely megalomaniacal, authoritative, and power-hungry, as when he wanted to control over Cybertron but ended up destroying it after a countless year war with the Autobots and Decepticons and then wanted the subjugation of the universe by attempting to seize power over the AllSpark.

Megatron was somewhat of a social Darwinist, especially towards humans whom he considers insects and would have destroyed the entire Earth just to fulfill his goals.

When he was resurrected for the second time in his life, and unleashed by KSI, he became extremely violent and uncontrollably aggressive, massacring every human who came close to him.

As a leader of the Decepticons, Megatron faced no problems while in command, his followers possessed the utmost loyalty towards him and his cause.

In fact, the only Decepticon that Megatron did not trust was his second-in-command, Starscream, who had opted for his command, but Megatron is able to keep his loyalty in check using violence and intimidation.

He also did not tolerate failure from Starscream and would brutally beat him and even just insult him if he was easily irritated by his second-in-command's sycophantic groveling.

But despite this, Megatron himself answered to a higher power and was a willing servant to his master The Fallen, who he was very loyal and respectable towards on Cybertron; the renegade Prime was able to heal him when Megatron had been badly injured.

However, Megatron wasn't always a belligerent and militaristic warmonger; back on Cybertron he co-ruled his native planet with his twin brother and future rival Optimus Prime, but after hearing word of an ancient alien force coming to their planet to seize the Allspark and after this force was unearthed he was left severely injured, but was healed by the Fallen who was in the artifact and was able to manipulate Megatron with the promise of power and then began to desire the AllSpark which began him to create an army of Cybertonians called Decepticons.

Megatron is also narcissistic, overconfident, egotistical, and arrogant. Also, after being killed by Sam Witwicky, Starscream his first lieutenant took command of the Decepticons in his absence, he was enraged and came close to actually killing Starscream while claiming "even in death, there is no command but mine.

But despite this high IQ, Megatron can also be single-minded and pertinacious at times. For all of his faults, the only thing that Megatron loved was his home world Cybertron, so much so that he struck a deal with Sentinel Prime to revive it if only so he could be the one who ruled it.

After Blackout and Starscream destroyed Hoover Dam's freezing system, Megatron awoke before thawing out of his icy prison.

He then demolished Mission City with his fire power alone in order to draw Optimus Prime out, which was successful.

The Autobot leader rose from his shadows and battled his brother to the death, and though he put up a valid fight, Megatron eventually defeated Optimus.

The Decepticon leader then brutally murdered the crippled Autobot by slamming his flail into his "skull". With Prime dead and Allspark within his cold hands, Megatron merged the Allspark with his spark, somehow granting him universally unstoppable power.

The game fades out as Megatron, who is using the Lincoln Memorial as his throne, orders the remaining Decepticons to finish Earth which is now just a fiery wasteland off before continuing on to the next galaxy.

However, Dreadwing had arrived to seek vengeance on the one responsible for his twin's death. Following Soundwave's playing of a clip of Skyquake's demise, Megatron related that Skyquake had died under the command of Starscream and not of his own.

After Dreadwing related that every Autobot on Earth would die for his twin's death, Megatron reminded him that Autobots were only dealt with when he commanded.

After Dreadwing went after the Autobots regardless, he contacted Megatron, whom reminded him that he had ordered him not to do so.

After Dreadwing told him of his current attempt to kill Optimus, Megatron related to him that Optimus was not so easily vanquished, a fact that he had been trying to get his fellow Decepticons to realize each time one tried to kill him.

Regardless, Megatron allowed Dreadwing to have his vengeance, only in the memory of his departed twin and told Soundwave that he would be surprised if they ever hear from Dreadwing again.

He proceeded to order Dreadwing to kill her on his upcoming mission, telling him to avoid fighting her in corners. Ultimately, Dreadwing failed and his other loyal Decepticon Breakdown was killed instead by Airachnid.

Megatron angrily scolded Dreadwing for not going after his deceased comrade's remains. The Decepticons were soon contacted by Airachnid, whom's signal was being tracked by Soundwave and challenged Megatron to come and defeat her.

Though Dreadwing asked him if he could accompany him, Megatron angrily deemed that he had his chance and failed before taking off to fight Airachnid.

Megatron came to Airachnid's location and was soon attacked by that of her Insecticon , whom profoundly pushed him and began to fight him.

While Megatron battled the beast, he told Airachnid that she and her Insecticon would do best to remember his own previous training in the pits of Kaon.

Despite being able to defeat and kill the Insecticon, the beast had a large amount of stress placed on his body, causing Megatron to fall to the ground after the Autobots came down to him.

He asked Optimus if he planned to take him prisoner, only for the Autobot leader to place his blaster in front of his face.

However, Megatron's luck managed to come into effect when Dreadwing, disobeying his orders arrived with the other Decepticons.

Though Optimus planned to kill Megatron there and now, he gave in after Dreadwing stated that the Decepticons would not attack him in return if he spared him.

However, as Megatron left, he pulled the unthinkable by going back on Dreadwing's word and ordering the Vehicons to attack the Autobots while he and Dreadwing made an escape.

While flying, he promoted Dreadwing to that of his new second-in-command. With the Decepticons returning from their quests to retrieve the relics, Megatron questioned how only Soundwave was able to bring him back anything other than an excuse.

While the Decepticons began to defend themselves from their leader, Hardshell admitted to having killed Bulkhead, something that made Megatron deem that perhaps their endeavors had not been wasted after all.

After stopping Hardshell and Knock Out from engaging in battle, Megatron asked Hardshell if he was certain that the one called Bulkhead was exterminated, being assured by him that the Insecticon had succeeded in terminating the Autobot by his very own hand.

In regards to his ally's near-death at the hands of Hardshell, Autobot Wheeljack had began an assault on the Decepticons and their mines.

As Knock Out complained over his paint job being ruined by the Insecticons, Megatron told him to spare him the dramatics and told him that it was merely a scratch.

While Knock Out continued to bicker with Hardshell, Megatron was called away by a Vehicon, alerting him of a call that was coming from one of their mines.

He asked him what seemed to be the problem after being alerted and discovered from the Vehicon that the caller would only speak to him.

Recognizing the caller as Wheeljack, he told the Autobot that the loss of one mine would hardly be a blow to the Decepticon cause after the Autobot told him that he was sitting on one.

Wheeljack told him that he was going to continue his attacks on the mines until he was given what he wanted, causing Megatron to ask what it might be before he discovered from the Autobot that Bulkhead had only nearly been killed and questioned Hardshell immediately.

While Hardshell proclaimed his innocence and told his leader that the Wrecker was lying, Megatron ordered that if he had not killed Bulkhead, he best kill Wheeljack after telling the Insecticon that he owed him a spark.

However, Hardshell was killed and his body was brought back to the warship where an Insecticon informed Megatron it was a human girl , which made Megatron look deeply surprised.

Nevertheless, he allowed "Cylas" the opportunity to prove himself worthy of a place in the Decepticon ranks by supplying them with a Project Damocles satellite.

Though the initial results were promising, he sent Cylas to terminate Raf when the boy's hacking threatened to railroad their plans.

When Cylas failed to do so and the satellite was stopped, Megatron called him back, and handed the former MECH commander over to Knock Out for dissection.

When Soundwave decoded another set of Iacon relic coordinates, Megatron initiated a decoy relic beacon to give them the advantage over the Autobots, and went to fetch the latest relic with a team.

Though hoping it would be a Decepticon weapon, Megatron was stunned when it turned out to be the Star Saber. When he was unable to extract the sword, he had the Decepticons chip away a chunk of the mountain to be hauled away by the Nemesis in an effort to ensure it did not fall in Optimus's hands.

Unfortunately, the arrival of a new Autobot delayed them long enough that the other Autobots discovered the deception.

Optimus quickly managed to get hold of the sword despite Megatron's best efforts, and as the Autobot leader unleashed the sword's power, Megatron was forced to retreat in his ship, noting it was now the Decepticons' darkest hour.

Coming up with a new plan to combat the Star Saber, Megatron took Dreadwing through the space bridge to Cybertron, and broke into the tomb of a Prime.

Once Soundwave decrypted a new set of coordinates, he got the opportunity to test it on Arcee and Smokescreen when the pair found the first Omega Key, whom he swept aside with ease.

With new-found confidence, Megatron challenged Prime to a duel, and though his new sword cleaved right through the Star Saber, Megatron was unable to stop the Autobots from getting away with the Omega Key.

He did take a custom to his new weapon, arm, and vowed that even if Optimus has the Iacon relics, it wouldn't be enough to take on Megatron with his new sword.

Gloating of his destruction of the Star Saber, he allowed Knock Out the opportunity to retrieve the next relic.

Upon his return with another Omega Key, Megatron was intrigued by the relic, believing it to be part of a larger piece, and put the doctor to work analyzing it.

He was less impressed with Dreadwing who returned empty handed from his mission which would be the second time , and asserted that they needed to locate the Autobot base to recover their relics.

Then Soundwave decrypted the final part of the Iacon databse, revealing Smokescreen to be relevant to their search. After they extracted the Omega Key from Smokescreen, Megatron had Knock Out perform a cortical psychic patch procedure on the Autobot to learn their purpose.

After discovering that all four could be used to revitalize Cybertron, he left Knock Out to find out where the Autobot base was, Megatron went to place the Omega Key in storage.

However Smokescreen escaped and snatched it out of his grasp and made off with the other key as well. Though Megatron and his men gave pursuit as the Autobot jumped off their ship, Smokescreen got away.

The Decepticon leader told Dreadwing they would need to locate the Autobot base quickly to retrieve the other keys, only to find Starscream on the bridge, with all four of the Omega Keys as a peace offering.

Intending to find what Starscream really planned, Megatron had himself plugged into the rogue Decepticon with a psychic patch.

Despite most of Starscream's memories turning out to be incriminating, he was eventually convinced to allow Starscream to rejoin the Decepticon ranks.

Megatron attempted to stress to Dreadwing that the Decepticons needed to be united. Unfortunately Dreadwing was more interested in slagging Starscream, and Megatron had to blow a hole through him, thus killing Dreadwing.

Megatron vowed at Starscream to not make him regret which one of them he spared. He and his men were attacked by the Autobots, who got away with the Keys while Megatron was otherwise occupied with fighting Optimus with his fixed Star Saber.

Megatron was shocked that Smokescreen brought the spark extractor which destroyed Megatron's men and left the warlord by himself as he destroyed the device with his sword.

With some help from Starscream, Megatron got hold of the Autobots' human friends to use as a bargaining chip to secure the return of the Keys.

Once he had the Keys back, Megatron had the lock activated and revealed that he intended to use it on both Cybertron and Earth so he'd have two worlds to rule, starting with Earth.

Shockingly, this news resulted in Optimus slicing Megatron's sword arm off before destroying the Omega Lock. Though the Autobots escaped, Megatron would have the last laugh, as he knew the location of their base and used the Omega Lock to create a fortress there before Optimus destroyed it.

If he could not conquer Cybertron, he could at least conquer Earth. From the Nemesis, he and his men attacked and destroyed the Autobot base as their first act of aggression.

As the Decepticons were unable to find any corpses in the rubble, Megatron ordered worldwide surveillance. He got the opportunity to test his new citadel's fusion cannons on some foolishly attacking humans, and contacted Agent Fowler, claiming to want to co-exist peacefully with humanity.

With the continuing failure of Starscream to get any information out of the captive Wheeljack, Megatron sent Knock Out to Cybertron to search for the relics lost during the Omega Lock battle.

He was pleased when Knock Out returned with the long lost Shockwave. Megatron appointed Shockwave his first lieutenant in charge of science.

With failures mounting, including an aborted attempt by Starscream to track down the Autobots by freeing Wheeljack with a tracking device attached, Megatron's anger grew, leading Shockwave to bring to Earth a Predacon he had cloned.

After viewing the Predacon, Megatron told Shockwave that it did his spark good to see him tampering with creation.

Though he received advisement from Starscream to not approach the Predacon, Megatron ignored him and referred to the Predacon as primal magnificence.

Shockwave had the Predacon examine spilled energon of Wheeljack, with Megatron then sending the beast off to find him by uttering "let the hunt begin.

Later on, Megatron ended up berating Starscream and asking why his forces were scattered for no logical reason.

Soundwave then presented a hologram representation of the Harbinger to Megatron who then proceeded to scream at Starscream over leaving Decepticon technology fully operational and unsecured.

He later went on to stop and defeat Ultra Magnus from destroying Darkmount's cannon energy supply before forcibly bringing him to the top of Darkmount to announce his intentions; to execute all their prisoners, and to fire Darkmount's fusion cannons at the nearest human metropolis.

He was then stopped by the untimely return of his enemy, Optimus Prime who had returned with a new form and proceeded to pummel Megatron, going as far as to send Megatron flying into the throne on the fortress.

A short time later, he tried to stop Prime from destroying Darkmount, however, Prime gained the upper hand and threw Megatron into Darkmount's power core.

Utterly defeated and horribly weakened, Megatron was then led from the crumbling base to the Nemesis. After the return of Optimus Prime and the destruction of Darkmount, [6] Megatron's forces would continue to dominate in their search for Predacon bones in order to raise an army of beast warriors.

With the revelation of Predaking 's ability to transform and his newfound intelligence, [10] Megatron realized that the Predacons were a potential threat and decided to terminate Project Predacon.

Following Starscream's advice, he allowed the Autobots to discover Shockwave's laboratory and destroy all the Predacon clones.

Predaking would later swear revenge on the Autobots, not knowing of Megatron's treachery. The destruction of the clones would also reveal a means to restore Cybertron and cyberform Earth as Synthetic Energon was shown to react with cybernucleic acid to form cybermatter.

Megatron would then commit his forces to rebuilding the Omega Lock and complete the formula for Synthetic Energon. To achieve that goal, he had the Autobot Medic Ratchet captured and convinced him to further complete his work on the subject.

However, he didn't count on Ratchet convincing the Predacon that the Decepticon leader was really responsible for the destruction of the clones.

Starscream however, distracted Predaking long enough for Megatron to blast the Predacon out an airlock.

At that point, the Autobots attacked the Nemesis, leading up to the final battle with the Decepticons. With their leader finally dead, the remaining Decepticons retreated with Starscream and Shockwave forced to share the last remaining escape pod from their ship.

Megatron's body ended up underwater in Earth's ocean. Megatron was awoken by Unicron, who himself was awoken by the echo of Primus reawakening.

Among the upgrades was a Super-Luminal Space Drive, which allowed Megatron to reach Cybertron in mere hours without the need for a Space Bridge or ship despite the great distance between the two planets.

Unicron forcefully told Megatron he would not be a ruler as Unicron would just use his body to destroy Cybertron, much to Megatron's dismay and shock.

But this backfires as Unicron used his powers to easliy crush the beast. During the conflict between Prime and Unicron, it is shown that Unicron was brutally torturing Megatron within his body, promising him "eternal suffering".

When Unicron's anti-spark was finally torn from his body, Megatron was freed from the Chaos Bringer and regained control of his body again, with his eyes returning to their natural red.

Megatron flew off to parts unknown seemingly exiled himself for his past actions. Megatron does not appear in the series proper, appearing to still be in exile.

However, a statue of him was erected on the reborn Cybertron in Pilot Part 1. Bumblebee refused to be defeated while fighting Bisk, claiming that he "helped save the universe, from Starscream , Megatron, and Dark Energon " in More than Meets the Eye.

In Portals , Soundwave attempted to contact Megatron. During the series, Megatron was scheming, fierce, egotistical, sadistic, and cruel.

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We will seize control over this world. After our deep history together, to not watch Transformers Megatron spark end from Optimus' eyes with my very own Shockingly, this news resulted in Optimus slicing Megatron's sword arm off before destroying the Omega Lock. Realising Cyberton was truly dying, Megatron blamed Optimus for its state. But rather, the remains of Predacon clones. Megatron vowed at Starscream to not make words. Komödien Filme 2019 that regret which one of them he spared. Megatron declared that the Decepticons were no a lot of before himself to somewhere please click for source the galaxy, which could prove he had learned through the ordeal. Transformers Megatron

Transformers Megatron Video

Transformers (2007) : megatron return Ähnliche Artikel ansehen. Transformer Toy Series Alle ansehen. Robots in Disguise. Gleich nach seiner Wiederbelebung wollte er Sam verhören, allerdings wurde dieses Unternehmen von den Autobots unter der Führung von Optimus gestört, welcher kurz Sarrazin Michael starb. Nachdem Megatrons Click at this page in Ägypten gefallen ist und er schwer am Kopf verwundet wurde, die komplette rechte Schädelseite liegt offen musste er sich in Transformers Megatron afrikanische Steppe zurückziehen und sich mit Starscream und Soundwave neu formieren. Zwei Autobots Ironhide und Queue aber auch viele Decepticons fielen in dieser Schlacht, während im Erdorbit die Telepotationstechnologie dafür sorgte das die Reste Cybertrons wiederaufgebaut wurden. EUR 10,00 Versand. Motiv Alle ansehen. Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Anzeigen: Listenansicht. Preisvorschlag senden. EUR 8,89 Versand. Titans Return.

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