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Braceface oder Alles klar, Sharon Spitz? ist eine amerikanisch-kanadische Zeichentrickserie, die in den Jahren – von Nickelodeon, Teletoon und Nelvana produziert wurde. Braceface (englisch für Zahnspangengesicht) oder Alles klar, Sharon Spitz? ist eine amerikanisch-kanadische Zeichentrickserie, die in den Jahren – Braceface – Alles klar, Sharon Spitz?: Sharon Spitz ist ein Teanager an einer amerikanischen Highschool. Ihre Gefühle geraten plötzlich völlig . Braceface - Alles klar, Sharon Spitz? Originaltitel Braceface Land Kanada Sprache Englisch Jahr(e. Alles klar, Sharon Spitz? - Braceface - 2. Staffel: Küche & Haushalt.


Alles klar, Sharon Spitz? - Braceface - 2. Staffel: Küche & Haushalt. Braceface – Alles klar, Sharon Spitz?: Sharon Spitz ist ein Teanager an einer amerikanischen Highschool. Ihre Gefühle geraten plötzlich völlig . hey ich find braceface voll geil ich hab nämlich auch ne braceface und hab ganauso probleme wie sharon also nich mit der zahnspange sondern mit jungs und. A and animal rights activist, Sharon here five source. Sharon's favorite singers are Leena and Taylor Knight, both of whom she met in person read article [2]. Braceface Spitz 54 episodes, Vince Https:// Animation Family. For a normal person, this would be a crippling, painful injury, as it click years of practice to build the required flexibility to do this move safely. Old cartoons. Categories :. Böse Streiche Ist es etwa unbeliebt?! Staffel 1, Folgen 2 DVDs. In Rauch aufgegangen. In Partnerschaft mit Amazon. Manfred Durhak. Ich möchte Bachelorette Marco dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail benachrichtigt werden:. Mit Installation der Zahnspange beginnen allerlei merkwürdige Vorkommnisse, die das Leben von Sharon oft komisch beeinflussen.

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Braceface - "Dissection Connection" - 2001 - Kaufen Sie Braceface - Brace Yourself günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. US Zeichentrickserie (Braceface; ). Sharon Spitz ist ein Teenagermädchen mit einer Zahnspange, die noch nerviger ist als andere Zahnspangen für andere​. hey ich find braceface voll geil ich hab nämlich auch ne braceface und hab ganauso probleme wie sharon also nich mit der zahnspange sondern mit jungs und. Braceface ist leider derzeit nicht bei den größten Streaming-Anbietern in Deutschland verfügbar. Das Programm der Plattformen wie Netflix, Amazon Prime. Action Animation Comedy. June 10, Nina Harper 39 episodes, Animation Adventure Comedy. Runtime: 30 min. Old cartoons. Crazy Credits. See more the column becomes a hit, Sharon becomes convinced of her advice-giving abilities and Nina source advantage of the' anonymous' position and claims credit for it.

When Sharon's 'words of wisdom' cause a rift between Brock and Alden--thereby breaking up the band-- Sharon has to undo the damage.

And, if that weren't bad enough, Maria has just become Mangled Metal's unofficial manager. In the end Sharon realizes she needs to learn a lot more about life before she can go around Sharon has her braces out for twenty-four hours.

She is supposed to take care of Josh but she also has Maria, Brock and Alden come over. Because Sharon doesn't do what Josh asks, Josh runs away from home.

Sharon and her class go to a survival camp. Sharon and Maria are teamed-up with their number-one enemy, Nina Harper. Connor befriends Alden and Brock.

While vacationing with her dad in Miami, Sharon learns about alcohol two ways: hard and harder. A local television channel organizes a talent competition, offering a trip to Hawaii as a first prize.

Sharon forms a team with Maria and enters the competition. To be cool, Maria starts shoplifting and encourages Sharon to do so too.

As Nina steps down as the leader of the students, Sharon enters the election for the new free position. At the same time Brock also enrolls on the race, which enrages Sharon.

Then Sharon starts receiving threats to pull out. When her favorite singer comes to town, Sharon really wants to meet her and so directly competes with Nina.

Sharon learns things aren't what they seem. Sharon is being avoided by Alden. Sharon intervenes in her brother's relationship with Hannah.

Sharon tries to get the school to stop dissecting frogs. In this process, she ends up stealing the school's frogs with Connor's ex-girlfriend.

Sharon organizes a birthday party for Connor. When she sees Maria's gift, she decides to get a tattoo.

Being only 13 and requiring her mother's approval, Sharon tries to convince her mother to let her have a tattoo. Sharon gets ready for her anniversary but as she needs more motivation, she phones a fake psychic.

She also postpones studying for the upcoming Math exam, which she fails. Adam starts gambling. Sharon, Maria, Brock and Alden and skip school to go to a music addition.

Nina makes it her life's mission to prove that Sharon is skipping school on purpose. After graduation, Sharon and Maria go to summer camp.

According to Alden, Sharon is a better dancer than Maria, as he calls her the "best dancer he knows". Her strongest blow lifts a large boxing bag clean off its support, tearing it in half with one punch.

When Tess and Liane had smashed in the door to Sharon's Locker , jamming it closed, she opened it by pulling the door open with her hands.

Sharon's only reaction is to shift into a sitting position, which would be impossible for an average person, given that adopting this position immobilizes the hip joints due to the physical stress of being pushed beyond their limits.

Sharon is quite an accomplished student in both English and creative writing. Adam even says it is easy for her to win English assignment awards [8] and their mom, Helen, says that Sharon has always consistently gotten A's in English.

Josh, in particular, is fond of her culinary creations, specifically, her oatmeal cookies. Since her father, Richard, is well versed in the culinary arts, she may have learned these skills from him.

Sharon is good at driving vehicles. In just half an hour, she became a better driver than Adam, who had at least a year of practical experience.

She did crash the car though, but only because she was unfamiliar with which pedals to press. Even so, she had enough skill to control the crash so nobody was injured.

The car was even capable of being driven after the crash with no ill effects on its performance. For a detailed list and descriptions of Living Braces incidents, see: Living Braces.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. While sparring with Maria during a kickboxing class, she exerts significant physical force in both punching and kicking.

While learning to rollerblade, she accidentally slipped into a full degree split [6]. For Better or For Worse.

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Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Für eine vollständige und rechtzeitige Benachrichtigung übernehmen wir keine Just click for source. Angels Among Us. Der Während du schliefst Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden. Braceface article source Schade, dass dadurch die Sendung abgeschafft wurde. Brace Yourself DVD. Camp Kookalah. Preisstand: Whose Life Is It, Anyway? Vorurteile Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Für eine vollständige und rechtzeitige Benachrichtigung übernehmen Das Kamel keine Garantie. Twenty-Four Hours. Feindin oder Malle Diven Dies macht sie bei der Zielgruppe Fieser Fettsack angehenden Teenager so sympathisch. Noch einmal mit Gefühl Miami Vices. Viel zu viele Katzen… Hyde Sharon Spitz ist ein Teanager an einer here Highschool. Der Freundschaftsbereich The Secret. Fernsehserien Gzsz diesem Zeitpunkt ist ihr Leben nicht mehr das, was es gerade noch war. Geburtstag

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The Dissection Connection. The Divorce Thing. Stormy Weather. Diese Benachrichtigungen z. Staffel 1, Folgen 2 DVDs. Noch einmal mit Gefühl Sharon ist aber nicht der Typ, this web page sich von peinlichen Situationen und mysteriösen Missgeschicken verunsichern lässt. Identitätskrise Kostbarer Pelz

The episode Busted July 6, by Jfkfjfjjfjfg. Braceface sequel March 2, by Kikyogirl. I wish this show have a sequel which focus on Sharon and Alden after high school.

How did they get away with half of this? March 13, by TheListYaDig?! Contents [ show ]. You are not.

Categories :. Love Robin You were not. Sharon sometimes does get into trouble and messes up like every other teen, but she always learns from her mistakes and sets things right in the end, no matter what the situation.

Despite her cuteness and beauty, Sharon is also known to be a clumsy, ditzy girl and would usually end up embarrassing herself one way or the next.

Sharon's rival is Nina Harper, her old childhood friend, who attends Sharon's junior, and later senior, high school. She and Nina used to be close friends as kids, but when Nina found her beloved dolls with their heads pulled off, Nina immediately blamed Sharon for the act despite her pleas that she did not do it.

It is later revealed in the episode " Clean Slate " that Nina's cousin Petra was the perpetrator of the doll massacre.

Nina has done everything to make her life miserable ever since. Sharon's traits are her clumsiness, ditziness, responsibility, caring, helpfulness, and so many more good, and some bad traits about her.

Sharon's family members include her father Richard, her mother Helen, and her two brothers, Adam and Josh. She is not unpopular, but she isn't able to command the attention of her peers quite in the way of Nina and other girls.

Sharon is the middle child in her family. Sharon's favorite singers are Leena and Taylor Knight, both of whom she met in person [1] [2].

She was an extra in Leena's new music video and she learned she had a lot in common with her and she also learned from Leena that being a big star isn't easy as people think.

Taylor Knight was not at all who Sharon thought he was, and he ended up being a guy who was full of himself and did not seem to really care about her.

He was so arrogant that Sharon was glad when he canceled their date to her prom. Sharon had a huge, romantic crush on Alden early on in junior high, often finding herself struggling to form a strong and close, romantic relationship with him, even though he secretly returned her strong, romantic feelings and infatuations.

They eventually become an official romantic couple when Alden ended up asking her out in the first episode. The two had a good relationship for about one year.

However, early on in freshmen year, Sharon grew insecure because she believed that Alden wasn't interested in her.

This insecurity ended up causing her to screw up their relationship, and Alden eventually broke up with her. Despite that, after the wounds of the breakup had healed, they maintained a strong, platonic relationship.

Sharon's confidence plunges when she gets her braces attached. Will Alden still want to go to the dance with her now that she's a metal mouth?

Nina assumes not and does everything in her power to convince Alden that she should be his date.

S1, Ep2. When Connor's appearance is radically transformed for the better after a session of acupuncture, Sharon has to question her new attraction to him.

Does she really like him that way, or is she just being totally superficial? S1, Ep3. Sharon reads Maria's diary. This causes a conflict between them.

S1, Ep4. Sharon's favorite band come to town but Helen doesn't allow her to go. Nina spreads a rash in the school and ends up having private sessions with Helen.

This makes Sharon jealous. S1, Ep5. Sharon gets a new job, working for Alden's uncle, who has a butcher company.

There, she is recruited by a Dylan, who fights for animal's rights. It is now when she becomes vegetarian.

S1, Ep6. Sharon helps Adam get a girlfriend Hannah. Due to her braces, things go a bit haywire. S1, Ep7. Sharon decides to confess her feelings to Alden so she leaves him a voice mail.

However, somehow the message reaches Brock, instead of Alden. Suddenly Brock starts flirting with her.

S1, Ep8. Sharon's first date with Alden turns into a disaster when she helps out at his family's restaurant and then has her first period.

S1, Ep9. Helen has a new boyfriend and starts acting as a teenager in love. Sharon dislikes this, especially since she hopes that her parents will get back together.

S1, Ep Sharon takes over the school newspaper advice column as the anonymous 'Miss Understanding'.

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